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Friday, October 19, 2007

6 Reasons NOT to Get DRUNK

What the!?! This images reminds me of something... Weeeee getting wasted after school. Hahaha Oh I miss Bossing Edwin so much. A good friend of ours. He is actually, hmmm, okay okay...a Gay. Haha But not like those who are too obvious. He walks like a man, he talks like a man and he dress up like a man. But I tell you, don't ever ever sit beside him in the taxi. Be sure to sit in the front seat. Coz if you do so, that's the time HE (Edwin) became SHE (Edwina). Haha Ooopsss... I remember someone was almost raped. Who was it? Anyone please? Hahaha And who can forget that time when one of my classmate went into the Girls Toilet and started spraying the acid from his stomach? Weee Good thing he still have the strength to clean it up. How about Ajinomoto? Lady Ann Bar (Butchoy... Haha)? Cheer Up Boys!!! Computer Engineering Batch 2006 is the best!!! Hahaha

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