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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Most Complicated Haircut

Damn it! I went to a barber shop last Sunday night (July 15, 2007) to have a haircut. OK, the first problem I have encountered of course: "How to explain to the barber the style that I wanted!". So I started explaining to her with matching action. I looked like a Jerk that night in front of other people. Shit! After a few minutes of explaining, good thing she gave me a magazine and she pointed to me the pages (means she wanted me to choose from the picture) of guys with different style of haircut. And I did so chose the simplest one. Then she started cutting my hair. In the process of trimming my hair, I thought that somehow it looked good.

After cutting my hair. I paid 120 baht (Bloody expensive) and looked at the mirror. Wow! Simple cut but I look smart. So I went home. When I arrived home, I decided to check my new haircut. I looked at the mirror and OH MY GOD!!!!! I found out that there are some white lines at the right part of my head. I did not saw any white lines in the picture that I chose that night. I felt like I wanted to go back to the shop and BURN IT. I became uncomfortable right away thinking that I will be going to the office the following morning with that white lines in my head. So I looked for a Shaver just to cut all my hair. And I found one.

The following morning, everyone was shocked when they saw me with my new haircut. I looked like a BLOOD THIRSTY CRIMINAL. Others said I looked like a MONK.

Lesson: Don't go to barber shop anymore. haha

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