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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kingdom of Thailand

Sawadii Kap!!!

SAWADII is a Thai word that has a different meaning in English... It simply means, "Hello", "Hi", "Good Morning", "Good Afternoon", "Good Evening", etc... It is just a word used for greeting. And KAP is a polite word used by men. They usually used it at the end of the sentence. For Women, they used KA.

Alright, first of all, I never had expected to have a chance to go to this country. I always had a dream of traveling to other countries. I really like adventure. But because of some reason, that dream never came to reality. But not until I met the Boss of my father in Manila. He is a Thai. He is the owner of a steel manufacturing company where my father used to work.

I once attended the seminar of that company held in Manila last February 2007. After the seminar, he offered me to work in Manila for one month then he will bring me here in Thailand. Everything will be in the company's expenses. So do I have to refuse that offer? I admit it, somehow there are some problems with the company especially when it comes to the attitude of the "high ranked" people. But let's face it, sometimes, "Big Opportunity" strike once only. I just don't know if it's true, but I just gave it a try.

I have been working here in Thailand for almost 2 months already. Honestly, I like it here. Everything is just bloody cheap. From Food, PCs, Laptops, Mobile Phones, etc... You can have a meal for 30 Baht only. And for those who love spicy food, have you tried eating in an air condition room but still sweating? haha I have been to some places here like in the provinces. Our company conducted a seminar to several provinces and I just love going out to these places. Have the chance to meet new people, eat weird food and know different culture. We also went to play golf before to a place where a mountain is the only thing that is in between of Thailand and Myanmar. The place is cool. I also had the chance to visit Cambodia where I had to exit to the border to extend my VISA. hhhhmm.... And what else? Of course, I will not hide the fact that "GIRLS" here are hot. Damn it!!! haha Especially those who are still studying in Universities and High Schools. Wearing those white, tight blouse with short, tight, black skirt. OH-LALA!!! Better close your eyes. Because if not, it will surely stick on that beautifully formed creature. I think I better start practicing Thai Language. (",) But OK, I am a good boy here... sshhhhhh... Any violent reaction??? haha One thing I also like here is that every Monday, everyone is wearing YELLOW shirt. They told me that it is to show respect to the King of Thailand. But I have Filipino friends here and the last time we went to exit to Cambodia, we were eating our lunch when he told me that we need to asked the driver of the bus what time will be the departure going back to Bangkok. So I asked him, "What is the color of the shirt of the driver?". IT WAS MONDAY. hahaha so can you identify who is WHO if you will just look at the color of their shirt???

Now, I am just waiting for my working permit. I have applied already and funny thing, for the position of Export Manager. haha So how I wish they will give a good result for that permit.

Oooppssss... have to go now. I still have some work to do...hehe

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