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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rock music: Self-Gratifying?

What is rock music? Rock is a form of popular music from the mid 20th century which typically features a vocal melody (often with vocal harmony) that is supported by accompaniment of electric guitars, a bass guitar, and drums, often with a strong back beat. Keyboard instruments such as organ, piano, or synthesizers are often used in many types of rock music. While brass and woodwind instruments, such as saxophone were common in some styles in earlier development of rock, they are less common in the newer subgenres of rock music since the 1990s. The genre of rock music is broad, and its boundaries loosely-defined, with related genres such as soul and funk sometimes being included in the definition of the term.

If we talk about “Rock Music”, we can somehow ask ourselves, is this music? Many argued in this issue. We can only understand rock music if we first dig-in the history and have a look at the roots of rock music. Music can help form one’s character. It helps people to be mold. Music is based on emotions. The influence of rock and roll is far-reaching, and has had significant impact worldwide on fashion, film styles, and attitudes towards sex and sexuality and use of drugs and alcohol. This impact is broad enough that "rock and roll" may also be considered a life style in addition to a form of music.

I admit it. I’ve been there. I once belong on one of the local rock band here in Iloilo who plays rock music. It’s been a great and memorable experience for me even for a short time. I love to watch people jumping and singing with us in gigs while playing on the stage. I can feel the pleasure and satisfaction given by the music we were playing and sometimes, people would ask for more. But I can tell that some are abusing the essence of rock music. They used it for drugs and alcohol. That’s the time where the issue gets in if “It is really for self-gratifying”. For me, whether rock, love song, slow, tribal, acoustic, etc… it is still all Music depending on how the listener deals with it and whether abusing rock music or not, people have their own way of saying that it is indeed a self-gratifying.

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