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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Musicians: The Strangest People In The World

Are musicians really a strange people? For others, yes indeed especially in any kind of relationship they are with. You can directly tell if you know the background of that person. Some musicians grew up in an abandoned family, strange and noisy places while others grew in a better relationship. According to psychologist, music affects the behavior of a person and somewhat molds its character. They say musicians are strange people it is because they don’t understand the feelings of such person. Musicians have their own way of expressing themselves whether in love, happiness or problems. They have their own way on how to deal things out. They usually communicate best through the medium of songs. Sometimes they forgot to take their interpersonal communications skills seriously that leads them to be misunderstood by others.

I was once a musician and I can tell that sometimes I have different ways of dealing and handling things out in my life. Musicians have their enthusiasm in things they love to do and if they want something, they will do their best to attain that dream. I knew one professional musician who was a friend of mine. He actually stopped going to school when he was still in high school just to pursue his dream to become a musician and without any regret, he did became a good one. He is really good in playing different musical instruments. He is now a lawyer. I can tell that he is really weird.

People can look at the musician’s life and can gradually tell what kind of a person he or she is. Though, some are really hard to deal with. There are musicians who are strange and weird enough that you can’t sometimes tell what he's thinking or what he will be doing next. But others may agree that musicians are in some way or another are the best lovers in the so called “Relationships”. Strange, full of surprises and sweet I can tell.

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